Briercrest Christian Academy


Cap & Gown Portraits

General Information
  • Book online: Schedule your photo appointment online on our Parent & Student Forms page. From the drop-down men, select "Briercrest Christian Academy," then enter the first and last name that we have on file for you.
  • Location: Edwards Chapel
  • Arrival Time: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
  • Attire: You may wear your own dress shirt (of any colour) with or without a tie. If you prefer to not wear a dress shirt, we suggest a V-neck or scoop neck shirt.
  • Website:
  • Cost: All grads will have their photos taken free of charge; however, photo packages can be purchased from Lifetouch.
Contemporary Poses
  • Contemporary poses: These can be included in your session. This is of the individual graduate only and is done in casual dress. 
  • Bring Props: Your portrait session is about capturing your true personality, so we encourage you to bring in a prop such as a musical instrument, sporting equipment, etc.
  • No Pets, Please: Due to allergies, animals are not permitted during any grad photo sessions.
A Word about Your Proofs
  • Timing: Two to three weeks after your photo session, you will receive a set of proofs by Canada Post and an email with a link so you can view your graduation proofs online.
  • Retouching Service: Keep in mind that your proofs are not retouched, but your finished portrait order will include basic retouching at no charge to eliminate blemishes & soften lines. 
    • Premium retouching is available at an additional cost.
Getting Ready!
  • Be Prepared: 
    1. Hair and makeup must be done before your photo session starts.
    2. Please ensure any props are ready at the time of your session.
    3. Attire: IF wearing a tie, please ensure that it is pre-tied before your sitting or use a clip-on tie. 
    4. Masks: Please remove any masks prior to the start of your session.
  • Regalia: Lifetouch will provide the traditional grad gown, hat, tassel, v-stole and roses.


Baby Photos

  • Your Baby's Photo: We love to feature baby photos of our grade 12 students in our yearbook and in our graduation celebrations.
  • Please Submit ONE baby photo of your future grad labelled with their name using our Dropbox link on our Parent & Student Forms page
  • Deadline: Please consult our Parent & Student Forms page.
  • High Resolution: For optimal results, please be sure the photo you upload is at a resolution of 1MB (1,000 kb) or larger.



Grad Photo Gallery

Framed by Jen Wall* (Professional Photojournalistic Photography)

Included in BCA Grad Fee; Photos in the Grad Photo Gallery section are used by permission from FramedbyJen

*The Grad Gallery as described is confirmed, but we are still working with Jen to confirm her involvement due to her professional work schedule. If Jen isn't available, we will contract with another amazing professional photographer to provide the same product. We will provide you with an update ASAP.

Proud BCA Tradition

BCA has fostered a special collaboration with Jen Froese* of “framedbyjen” and celebrates an annual tradition of creating a “Grad Photo Gallery” of modern, stylized, highly personalized professional photography in celebration of this milestone in our students’ lives. 

Downloadable Gallery

Jen* will curate an online gallery of downloadable images that capture both our graduates’ unique photo shoots and their corporate commencement experiences; a selection of these photos is showcased each year during our graduation banquet on a giant screen for all friends and family to enjoy.

Photographed by Jen*

Not only does Jen provide private photo shoots with each grad, but she is our official photographer for our Grad Class photo, the Processional Program, and the Commencement Ceremony. Grads will have access to download all of the images posted by Jen from the gallery and the full weekend events. 

Locations & Times

You can select between one of two pre-determined locations in early June. Sign up by yourself or with friends online on our Parent & Student Forms page. Check out the deadline date.

Private Individual Photo Shoot
  • 10-minute personal photo shoot for individual shots.
  • Each person can only sign up in one slot for individual shots. 
  • From your photo shoot, you will get access to 5 edited shots.

OR Select a "Combo Photo Shoot"

Privacy of Photo Shoots

*Please note that no photography by anyone else, including oneself, friends, or family members, is permitted during the private photo shoots for the Grad Gallery or for the Grad Class group photo.

Private Combo Photo Shoots
  • For all combos: From your photo shoot, you will get access to 5 edited shots/ person or group combination equivalent.
  • Combine your 10 minutes with a friend's 10 minutes for a 20 minute session if you want both group and individual shots.
  • Max.: Combine up to a maximum of 4 grads for 40 minutes.
  • OR Join with a few friends for a 10-minute slot if you al want ONLY group shots (no individual shots). 
Included in Your Grad Fee 

Access to the following downloadable images (no prints);

  • From your private photo shoot, you will get access to 5 edited shots/person or group combination equivalent.
  • A group shot of the entire Grad class on the stage of Hildebrand Chapel 
  • At least one picture per grad from both the Grad Processional Program and the Commencement Ceremony
  • Full access to download all of the photos of all the grads that Jen posts for the Grad Gallery photos, the Grad Class photo, the Grad Processional Program, and the Commencement Ceremony
  • You will be able to share, "favorite," and download photos in full resolution.
Framed by Jen* 
  • Check out Jen's amazing work on FramedbyJen, her Instagram and Facebook.
  • Phone: 306-513-6300
  • Jen is also available to be hired privately over the grad weekend for half-hour bookings.


Josten's Grad Memorabilia

Customized Jewelry, Jackets, and Grad Bundles

Additional expense

Visit the "BCA School Store" at Josten's to put your creative touch on your choice of graduation memorabilia. Order directly from the Josten's website or contact our representative, Sean Kelly, via phone (403.252.1774) or email (