Health and Counselling Services

The Counselling Centre offers confidential individual, marriage, and family counselling to Briercrest students, staff, and their respective families. The Counselling Centre also serves as a training context for graduate students in the Marriage and Family Therapy program offered through the Seminary. Trained graduate students (known as supervised counsellors) are involved in the provision of counselling and are supervised by our director of counselling services. Find out more about the counselling services available to you. 

Setting up appointments

You can make an appointment in a number of ways:

  • email at
  • drop by Student Development and talking to Sari (9 – 9:45 a.m. daily) is typically free.
  • have a staff or faculty member set up an appointment on your behalf
  • have a staff or faculty member come by and introduce you to one of our counsellors

Our counselling staff

  • Carlie Pagens, MA, RMFT-S
    Director of Counselling and Health Services
  • Kevin Eby, MA
    Mental Health Counsellor
  • Melissa Verheyen, MA
    Mental Health Counsellor
  • Ben Feere, MA
    Mental Health Counsellor
  • Mallory Starkey, MA
    Mental Health Counsellor
  • Corey Norton
    Supervised Mental Health Counsellor
  • Jeremiah Palmer
    Supervised Mental Health Counsellor

The office is located in the Student Development area, Room 137 E. Other offices are down the seminary hallway from the Crossroads Café, Room S105 &S107.

Hours of operation

Counselling Services is open Monday to Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m and Friday 8:00 a.m. to noon.



The full-time Briercrest student subsidized fee is $30 per counselling hour. For staff of Briercrest College and Seminary or Briercrest Christian Academy, the Employee Assistance Plan fee is $40 per counselling hour.

Fees can be paid at the time of appointment by cash/cheque or billed to a Briercrest student. There is also some provision for further fee subsidy. Please discuss this with your counsellor if you are unable to pay the full fee.

Referrals to counselling

If you’re referring a student to the Counselling Centre, please contact us ahead of time. Providing some information about the situation help us determine how to best understand the problem and help the student.

Required counselling

At times a student may be required by others (such as a parent, dorm staff, teacher, coach, etc.) to attend counselling in order to continue participating in a program or as part of a disciplinary process. Frequency and length of counselling will be determined through collaborative conversations with the counsellor and student regarding goals to be accomplished in counselling. In order to help the student meet the external expectations for change, it is important for the mandating person to make the initial referral providing information about the situation and clarifying the expectations of the student. In some circumstances it may be best to attend the beginning of the initial meeting with the student and counsellor.

In mandated situations, there are no additional consequences from Counselling Centre if the student does not attend or engage, other than the fee for missed appointments, if 24 hour cancellation notice is not given. It is up to the mandating person to monitor the student's fulfillment of counselling requirements and enforce any subsequent consequences. With the student's consent, a counsellor will share with the mandating person, the student's attendance and engagement with counselling, at the frequency required by the mandating person.


Information on a variety of life issues is available through Counselling Services. We also serve as a resource to faculty and student development personnel in their ongoing work and contact with students. The Supporting Our Students Guide is available here.[KH2] 

External referral

Counselling Services has a strong network of relationships within the Moose Jaw mental health community. We coordinate referral and consultation with outside agencies as necessary.