Student Development

The Student Development team at Briercrest College and Seminary embraces the opportunity to partner with our academic colleagues by providing co-curricular extensions of the learning that takes place on campus. Student Development seeks to serve students by providing a caring atmosphere and healthy activities with the goal of Life Transformation in Community.

This transformation process includes opportunities for:

  • Spiritual and Intellectual Formation
  • Character Cultivation
  • Leadership Development

The Student Development team is intentional about nurturing an atmosphere that enables students to experience significant growth as individuals and in key relationships, as the Lord continues the good work He has begun in each of them.

Student Development Office

Located on the lower level of the main academic building (Rm 137).


Interim Dean of Students: Terry Wolverton
Director of Counselling and Health Services: Sari Faith
Community Life Coordinator: Tracy Taylor
College Chaplain: Jason Wendel
BCA Chaplain: Caleb Willems
Student Development Administrative Assistant: Lea-Anne Ramer