Course Schedule

January - April 2021

Semester HEB 601 Introductory Hebrew II D. Miller
Semester - Online THEO 601 Christian Theology Overview A. Hackney
Semester - By request Greek TBA
January 4-8 CO 712 Interpersonal Trauma Counselling T. Schnare
January 11-15 CM 732 Advanced Preaching B. Banting
January 18-22 LE 849 Daring Leadership: Creating Islands of Sanity Amidst Chaos J. Mowchenko
January 30 - Online CM 832 Contemporary Issues in Preaching - PART II B. Banting
February 1-5 BLST 728 Hebrews: The Supremacy of Christ M. Culy
February 1-5 CO 606A Marriage and Family Therapy S. Berg
February 8-12 CO 606B Marriage and Family Therapy S. Berg
February 8-12 LE 601 Organizational Development and Renewal P. Magnus
March 1-5 BLST 610 Pentateuch K. Bodner
March 1-5 CM 734 Small Church Ministry R. Johnston
March 1-5 THEO 654 Theology of the Holy Spirit and Redemption J. Houston
March 15-19 CO 791 Counselling Practicum II S. Berg and M. Clarke
March 22-26 LE 742 Change, Power, and Conflict Management P. Magnus
March 27 - Online LE 850 / CM 819 GLS: Global Leadership Outcomes - PART II P. Magnus
April 5-9 CO 603 Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy S. Berg
April 19-23 BLST 601 Old Testament Survey K. Bodner

April - June 2021

Semester - Online CO 620 Pastoral Counselling S. Berg
Semester - Online RD 703 Research for Leadership and Management J. Mowchenko
April 26-30 BLST 723 Sermon on the Mount C. Hinderager
April 26-30 PSY 701 Psychological Research Methods TC Chiang
April 26-30 HIS 660 History of Modern Evangelicalism A. Guenther
May 3-7 CM 601 Philosophy and Foundation for Ministry D. Lee
May 3-7 PSY 607 Child Development T. Strijack
May 10-14 LE 641 Creative Problem Solving and Polarity Management J. Mowchenko
May 17-21 CO 717 Group Counselling Strategies C. Thorlakson
May 17-21 CM 736 Discipleship and Mentoring R. Wollf
May 31-June 4 BLST 714 Psalms K. Bodner
May 31-June 4 CO 714 Counselling Systems and Approaches S. Faith
June 7-11 CO 819/THEO 751 Life in the Mess: A Theology of Forgiveness and Reconciliation D. Guretzki
June 14-18 BLST 725 Acts of the Apostles D. Miller
June 14-18 CO 711 Addictions Counselling M. Clarke
June 21-25 CM/THEO 621 Theology of Mission and Evangelism T. Stabell

2021-22 Academic Year

The 2021-22 Seminary course schedule is nearly ready for publication.  Watch for it to be posted in the New Year.