Briercrest Early Connections (BEACON)

Have you ever worked on a large project only to find that an early misstep threw everything off? A missed stich? A forgotten component? Backtracking to redo everything can be maddening.

That’s why we have BEACON. If your professor has noticed that your reading response is missing or that you could use some extra help studying for your next exam, you may be referred to BEACON. BEACON stands for Briercrest Early Connections. Just like it sounds, we want to connect you to supports early so your “misstep” won’t throw your whole semester off.

What happens if I get referred to BEACON?

Sometimes your professor will let you know that he/she is referring you to BEACON. After you’ve been referred, you’ll receive an email from the Director of Student Success inviting you to come talk. You aren’t required to respond, but we highly recommend that you do.

If I do decide to respond, what happens in the meeting?

Mostly, you will just be listened to. Each of us has a story. We want to know how we can walk with you in your story. We will probably ask questions and then make some suggestions. We might even refer you to someone else if we know they can help you better.

Will this go on my academic record?

No. BEACON is confidential and will not go on your student record. If you choose to come, unless you ask us to, we won’t share any of what we discuss with your professors.

What if I am concerned about a friend? Can I refer him/her to BEACON?

Only faculty, coaches, RDs, and a few other staff members can refer a student to BEACON. However, if you are concerned about your friend, feel free to come to the Academic Resource Centre together. We are happy to help!