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ACAD 100 Academic Strategies and Communication

In your schooling, you learned a lot about science, history, mathematics, and literature. However, were you ever taught how to learn?

New students quickly realize some of the significant differences between high school and college and find that they need some new strategies for this new learning environment.

If you are a new student of have less than 33 credit hours, ACAD 100 Academic Strategies and Communication may greatly benefit you in your educational journey. In the this 3-credit hour elective course, we teach you how to learn and “be a student”. We will explore what it means to approach academic life holistically and healthily, how learning works and strategies for learning better, transitioning to college writing, and time management among other skills. All students who qualify for this course should take it.

Learning in High School

Learning in College or University

Students typically spend 30 or more hours in class each week. Teachers cover most of the course material during class time.

Students typically spend 15 hours or less in class each week. Professors expect students to come to class prepared to discuss assigned readings. A large chunk of learning takes place outside of the classroom.

Teachers and parents often help students to manage their time or remind them to complete assignments.

Students are expected to manage their time and keep track of due dates on their own.

Students can often get good grades without working too hard.

To do well, students generally need to plan to spend 3-6 hours outside of class per week for every 3-credit course. For a typical student taking 4 courses, this means 12-24 hours outside of class.

If students run into academic, social, or other types of challenges, they will often rely on their parents for a solution.

Students are expected to advocate for themselves and find solutions to their problems. That may mean accessing campus resources like professors, the Academic Resource Centre, the Counselling Centre, Academic Services, etc.